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WIN the Battle Against Autoimmunity.

WIN the Battle Against Autoimmunity.

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Important: For the last 14 years we have been attempting to educate the public to the fact that the mass media, in conjunction with their sponsors; the traditional medical and pharmaceutical establishments, hold priorities which are in direct conflict with public health. Many were reluctant to believe.

Due to the current “health fiasco,” the public eye is rapidly opening-wide to these industries’ decades-old practices of corruption, deceit, and censorship of effective therapeutics, all the while they are peddling poisons.

The general question we received in the past, was; Why have I not heard about your formulas on the news, while so many people are raving about them? Currently, the ever-increasing comment we receive, is; Now I understand why they are censoring your company.

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What benefits will I receive from these formulas?
The numerous cellular health benefits performed by natural immune modulating components in our products have been proven in numerous independent studies. They are the health modulating agents designed by nature for the health of the human (mammal) body.

The Stabilized Natural Immune Modulators in all the formulas above, contain all the major components that make up the Glycocalyx and Glycoforms which protect, restore, and increase cell to cell communication known as The Code of Life. The AUTOIMMUNE-X and the AceMannan-M.D. (the Higher Potency + Anti-Viral) are pure concentrations. The other formulas contain additional ingredients pertinent to their tissue-repair, brain, and skin restorative functions.

Potent Immune and Anti-Viral Properties

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Not certain which formula you need? 
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Our Mission: Accomplished.

Since our formation in 2008, our philosophy has been to produce highly effective natural formulas which produce significant healing results, or produce nothing. As witnessed by hundreds of physicians and tens of thousands of patients, we have been successful in producing astounding healing results for the last fourteen years. We spare no cost utilizing the highest concentrations possible, of the purest, most effective, natural science-backed ingredients discovered. Our science-backed doctor formulated solutions may cost a little more than do-little supplements, but they repeatedly deliver positive results, saving countless dollars and wasted, painful years. Get to know us. We have the solutions for your success. All natural, no drugs, no prescription required, and no side-effects or contraindications with any medications. 1-888-398-8580

Our Passion is Helping People Attain or Regain Quality of Life.

There are an estimated 50 Million Americans Currently Suffering with Autoimmune Conditions, who are progressively discovering DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X®

Click to see the list of Autoimmune Conditions

Click to see the list of Autoimmune Conditions